You can start by asking yourself, is my child ready to stay home alone?  If the answer is no, or they could benefit from learning additional skills, then continue reading.

The Home Alone course is designed to provide children and youth 11-15 years old with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when they are home alone for brief periods of time.

Children/youths should be supervised at all time. However, there are those rear occasions when they are required to be home alone and therefore it is incumbent on parent to ensure that they loved one are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage themselves effectively in those rear moments of being home alone.

Although there are many benefits for children and youth to taking this course, I will highlight five.

1.       Establishing a routine- Children need routine, it give them a sense of security and help them to develop discipline. It also aids to help them, with consistency and expectations. According to Parent magazine, children tends to handle routine best if occurs in the context of a familiar routine. The Home Course provides them with information on how to establish a routine before leaving for school and returning home from school e.g. using their house keys, staying busy constructively, protocol safety checklist for fire escape.

2.       Stranger Awareness and Personal Safety- the Home Alone course provides children/youth with tips to help them be more aware of their personal safety while in the community.  Through role-play and visuals, they are taught how to manage themselves in potentially dangerous people and situations. The importance of using their judgment while drawing on their internal instinct (if it doesn’t feel right, then it may not be right) are also explored. A  healthy sense of fear is also explored, why adults should not ask children for help, why secrets are not to be kept from parents/guardians, ensure that children have a contact number for their parents/guardian

3.       Basic Emergency- This is the age when your child should learn basic emergency procedures so that they know how to react in certain situations and feel confident enough to deal with small emergencies. They will be taught that there different rules for different situations such as when to activate the Emergency Medical System (EMS/ 911), when to call poison control, fire escape, accident prevention and other situations.

4.       Internet Safety- The internet is a wonderful tool for all of us, kids included.  They can use it for school projects, communicating with friends, teachers and play interactive games.  However, we also know that it can be used in destruction ways. We want to prepare children/youths of the dangers of the internet as well as to guard them against, inappropriate content, cyber-bullying and online predators. During this one day course, they will learn about its benefits and its danger using innovative and interactive tools, role play, etc. how to care for themselves while online.

5.       Basic First Aid-Children are taught  simple first aid skills and how to handle themselves confidently when dealing with basic first aid situations e.g. when to use an Epi-Pen & Inhaler, what to do if you are choking and you are home alone, the ABC’s of choking and breathing emergencies

This one-day course will arm your child with valuable life skills and you will have peace of mind that you have taken steps to ensure their safety.  So go ahead and enroll them in one of our courses near you.

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